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Stay compliant with UK Government approved software. It’s reliable, and super easy to integrate or switch to.

Protect your business with Age Verification, UK government approved

AgeChecked is a leading online age verification service provider. Discover how to protect your business and your customers by using our age verification solutions.

Anonymous & Secure

We make the consumers anonymity a priority. Throughout the entire process – our system anonymises them – we don’t keep any personal data on our system.

Multiple Data Sources

AgeChecked utilises more methods and national data sets than any other provider using only permissioned data sources.

Smooth User Process

A seamless user experience has been a key development for AgeChecked to ensure that any of the age verification solutions offered do not affect the customer journey experience.


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AgeChecked Assured Advice

Confidence in Your Age Verification Process is Key

We all need to take the responsibility of preventing underage consumers from purchasing age-restricted goods online seriously.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our sophisticated solution will be able to identify any underage consumers quickly and effectively without hindering the purchase potential of suitable buyers.

By using AgeChecked, we take any concerns surrounding age verification away, all the while ensuring data is completely safe and secure.


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Why Use AgeChecked?

AgeChecked offers more options than any other online age verification software provider.

This is incredibly important as it gives your customer choices meaning they are more likely to pass the age verification process.

The more passes you get, the greater the revenue for your online business.

As well as choice, consumers are also looking for speed of purchase. They don’t want to have to endure a lengthy verification process before getting to the point of sale.

AgeChecked have included innovations to make this process as speedy as possible for the user, ensuring they get to the end of their purchase and convert if of the appropriate age.

AgeChecked | Online Age Verification Solutions

AgeChecked offers a variety of age verification packages to allow you to age verify your customers.

Our core solutions are batch upload, API and consumer gateway. You can also opt for a combination of these solutions if it is more appropriate for your business. Full age verification isn’t always needed, as we have millions of pre-verified devices, and the biggest anonymised age verification database there is in the UK.


This simple age verification method will allow you to upload your consumer details using a CSV in one go. At which point, you will get a report of results detailing which customers have passed the age verification process, and which have failed.


When your client gets to the point where they have provided their details for a sale, the age check will run in the background. AgeChecked will then verify your customer to make sure they are of age. This is a smooth, and seamless age verification solution.


This pop-up verification can be activated at any point during your customer’s user journey. You will get the results within seconds which creates a fast, and effective solution for age verification.

How Does Online Age Verification Work?

Do you sell age restricted products or services, and are wondering how online age verification works? The AgeChecked process is simple and seamless, and ensures you are fully compliant.

An age check can be completed at any point during a visit to your website to ensure that the user is of age and can legally buy the age restricted products.

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