Woocommerce age verification plugin

Selling age-restricted products comes with additional compliance challenges, and we are here to protect your business and brand.

Our WooCommerce plugin is the perfect addition for your business to ensure you are taking the appropriate measures to sell goods responsibly without hindering the consumer journey.

UK Gov approved plugin compatible with Woocommerce

Our age checking software is easy to integrate or switch to, very reliable and keeps you complying with the law. Download yours from the store.


Why plug in our Gov-Approved verification software to Woocommerce?

Cost-Effective Solution

The plugin is FREE to use, we only charge you for the cost of the verification checks on the age restricted products, like vapes and knives

Seamless Customer Experience

Use AgeChecked API to verify the customers’ age with no disruption to consumer journey

Added Protection for your Business

Opt-in to AgeChecked co-ordinated partnership offering protection with trading standards


If you’re using WooCommerce, the AgeChecked plugin can help your business

  • Sell age-restricted goods including alcohol, vaping & e-cigarettes, and knives.
  • Comply with new government regulations around the sale of age-restricted items.
  • Save time that would be otherwise spent age verifying customers.

Compliant & Secure

Protect your business and your customers by using the AgeChecked plugin for WooCommerce. AgeChecked is fully compliant with regulatory and industry standards (e.g. GDPR, BSI’s PAS1296).

AgeChecked’s Co-ordinated Partnership also offers extra protection from your local Trading Standards.


To use the AgeChecked plugin for WooCommerce, you will need an active merchant account. To speak with one of our sales team please CLICK HERE to contact us

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Why Choose AgeChecked for your Woocommere plugin?

Experience in working with a range of online retail businesses providing an age verification solution for the sale of items like alcohol, vaping & e-cigarette, and knives.

Our solutions have been developed to offer customers a frictionless experience when purchasing age-restricted items, with little or no disruption to the customer journey.

AgeChecked utilises a range of national permissioned data sets and proprietary technology to provide the highest level of match rates for customers.


Age Verification for WooCommerce

(AgeChecked Merchant Account required to activate)

Starting at £40.00 per month for 100 checks

  • Use AgeChecked API to verify the age of your customers
  • No disruption to customer journey
  • Protect your business and brand from under-age sales
  • Monthly service plan credit packs
  • Opt in to AgeChecked Co-ordinated Partnership offering protection with Trading Standards

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