AgeChecked App


AgeChecked App


Simple, secure & compliant Shopify age verification app.

The AgeChecked Shopify age verification solution is the first that brings a truly compliant product to Shopify stores selling age-restricted products such as alcohol, knives or vaping products.

Verifying orders using the AgeChecked app


Leigh Mardon, COO, blubolt

With the unprecedented shift to e-commerce in 2020, our partnership with AgeChecked has proven to be both timely and fruitful.

Together, we’ve delivered the first truly regulatory compliant app for Shopify stores selling age-restricted products. Our client feedback has been fantastic and we couldn’t have done it without AgeChecked’s expertise!

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Why use our Shopify age verification app?

There are so many companies offering Shopify age verification apps. Why choose AgeChecked?

Our software will verify someone’s age before they order on your Shopify store, but you can be 100% confident you’re complying with the strict age restrictions. That’s because our Shopify age verification app is UK government approved, easy to switch to, and is multi territory.

Compliant & Secure.

Compliant & Secure.

Protect your business and your customers by using the leading Shopify age verification solution, AgeChecked, that is fully compliant with regulatory and industry standards (e.g. GDPR, BSI’s PAS 1296).

Seamless set-up.

Seamless set-up.

Do away with intrusive and unreliable popup windows asking for your customers’ age; this app verifies their age in the background after an order is placed, often without any further customer action required.

Fast & cost-effective.

Fast & cost-effective.

A flexible pricing model means you only pay for what you use and you don’t get charged again for returning customers to your online store.

Order summary in AgeChecked app


If you’re using Shopify already, our age verification app is perfect if you:

Sell age-restricted products such as alcohol, vaping equipment and knives.

Need to ensure you comply with new government regulations.

Need to save time that would otherwise be spent contacting customers to verify age.


It’s really simple. This is how it works.

Success message for customers using AgeChecked app

1. Your customer places an order.

Once they’ve chosen their products to purchase, they proceed through the checkout, enter their address and billing details, and complete their order. At no point do they need to enter in their age.

Functionality of age verification app

2. Select the orders you want to verify

Within your Shopify orders area, select the orders that you want to verify, either in bulk or one at a time. If you’re using the ‘pro’ version of the app, it will automatically select new orders to process.

Order summary from AgeChecked app

3. We’ll quickly run the age verification

The AgeChecked app will then work in the background to run age verifications against each order and customer you have selected. The app checks a variety of sources and then shows you the results.

Customer verified success page

4. See the details and process your orders.

You’ll see which customers have passed or failed the age verification and you can then either ship the order or follow up with them. You can also drill into more detail if you need to.


How pricing works.



  • Pay for only what you need with credit packs
  • Select & verify orders in bulk
  • Rapidly see which orders pass or fail
  • No charges for returning customers


$99.99 / month

  • All the features of the Basic Plan
  • For merchants using Shopify Plus
  • Integrates with Shopify Flow
  • Automate workflows such as failed verifications

Simply top-up your credits when you need to:



$0.45 per credit



$0.40 per credit



$0.34 per credit



$0.30 per credit

For enterprise customers, you can also get in touch with our sales team  to discuss rates.