Helping Businesses Identify Vulnerable Players

According to recent reports, there are over 430,000 people with a gambling problem in the UK. The UK Gambling Commission is actively trying to reduce this figure by tightening restrictions and fining operators who aren’t compliant with the law. It is more important now than ever before that operators are tackling this problem head on.

AgeChecked has partnered with Rdentify to offer a cutting-edge solution to help tackle this problem. By integrating with your live chat and CRM system the solution is able to identify key words and languages to highlight any potential issues that may be arising with the customers behaviour.

Using a score-based system, our player chat monitoring will provide you with actionable risk flags.

A vulnerable player

Built by industry experts

Analyse risk with advanced customer software

Protect vulnerable customers quickly


direct integration

Direct Integration

This solution can be easily integrated with your live chat and CRM systems. It has been built by industry experts who have a knowledge and understanding of the gambling industry. With smooth integration, you will be able to identify vulnerable customers without affecting the experience for players.

Build Risk Profiles

Our player chat monitoring solution builds risk profiles in real time. The AI technology uses both live chat and historic player data to determine the risk factors.

Gambling problem risk flags based on previous interactions will be gathered. Personal data is never stored to ensure players are protected at all times.

Build Risk Profiles
Demonstrate Compliance

Demonstrate Compliance

Operators must ensure they are compliant with all regulations including those created to protect vulnerable players. With this solution, you can demonstrate regulatory compliance and show that you take player protection seriously. By using our player monitoring solution, you can lower your operational risk and avoid fines.

Increased Accuracy

Accuracy is vitally important in the iGaming industry as there is no room for error. Players typically chat with various agents and so patterns can be hard to spot. This solution improves accuracy in identifying problem gamblers and ensures they are marked for action as quickly as possible.

Increased Accuracy
Gambling Commission

Reduce Fines

In 2018 alone, the UK Gambling Commission issued over £20m in fines to operators who failed to act on harmful play. By using our solution, you can reduce the risk of fines coming your way by reviewing your customer base and ensuring actions have been completed.

Customer Support

This solution integrates easily into your existing CRM and can soon become part of your day-to-day customer support routine. If you don’t have a CRM, daily results can be sent on. Customers will feel looked after and regulators will see that you are protecting vulnerable customers where you can.

Customer Support


Why Choose AgeChecked?

We use NLP, AI and Deep Learning to deliver accurate results in real time. We continuously search live chats to identify points that are relevant to a gambling problem and self-exclusion.

Our new problem identification factors are constantly updated to ensure nothing is missed. There is no need to worry about problem gamblers or vulnerable customers slipping through the cracks.

We score players using our AI solution and offer possible actions for operators to take. This solution offers near human-level accuracy and is expected to cover 79% of all relevant chats.

We use new technology to ensure iGaming operators are compliant at all times. We are a leading provider of age verification solutions for iGaming operators across Europe.

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