How does age verification work online?

Are you selling age-restricted products or services and thinking how does age verification work online?

It’s a far more simple process than you may think.

At any point when a user visits your site, an age check can be done to ensure they are legally authorised to make the purchase.

AgeChecked offers a range of simple solutions  so you can verify customers age online.

Batch Upload, Client API, Consumer Gateway or a combination. It’s often the case that full age verification isn’t required as we already have millions of devices that are pre-verified and also boasts the largest anonymised age verified database in the UK.


A simple method of age verification allows you to upload all customer details via a csv file, which will produce a list of results verifying which customers have passed or failed the age check


This secure check takes place in the background when the customer has entered their details for the sale. AgeChecked will verify the customer’s details to ensure that the customer is over the required age. This provides a very seamless and effective solution to age verification.


A pop-up verification which can be triggered at any point throughout your customer’s user journey. The results from this take seconds, so offers a very streamlined and secure option to age verify.

We’re experts in how to verify someones age online

And it’s a smooth process for the user! Our online age verification checks are seamless.

A seamless user experience has been a key development for AgeChecked to ensure that any of the age verification solutions offered do not affect the customer journey experience.

We understand that whilst businesses need to stay compliant and work within the laws and regulations, there is still the concern that roadblocks like age verification will have a negative impact on bottom-line sales.

That’s why AgeChecked ensures that any age verification solution provided offers a light touch solution for the customer but with a high match rate to ensure you are selling to your targeted audience.

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Verifying age online

What do we do with the data?

At AgeChecked we make the consumers anonymity a priority. Throughout the entire process – our system anonymises them – and we don’t keep any personal data on our system.

As soon as the age of the customer is proved – any data we have for them is wiped. This allows you to be safe in the knowledge that you are utilising a safe and secure age verification solution.

Are you still thinking, how does age verification work online? Then contact a member of our sales team who will be more than happy to help and talk you through the ways to verify age online.


Daniel O’Neill, Head of Risk & Payments

AgeChecked has helped us facilitate a smooth and seamless onboarding process for our customers, whilst allowing us to ensure we comply with the UKGC legislation.

We are continuously working with AgeChecked to improve our approval rates, and to build out additional technologies to support our business.

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