Age verification software for adult content

Are you distributing content online that is subject to age restrictions? If so, age verification for online content is a legal requirement so that we can keep children, especially minors, safe online as they browse the internet.

Explicit and adult content is one of the age restricted products, just like knives and vapes, that you need to meet the regulatory requirements for.

AgeChecked provide a reliable UK government approved software that’s easy to integrate to.


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Seamless & private age verification solutions to keep children safe online

Complying with the legislation does not mean that you must put your customers through an invasive verification experience. You can prevent the underaged accessing inappropriate material online, whilst verified adults remain unaffected by seamless anonymised background age verification checks taking place.

Our software is built on privacy-by-design principles, any personal data that we collect during the verification process is not stored. Consequently, it will also NOT be shared with any 3rd parties or website operators.

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What the law says about online age verification for adult content

Governments around the globe are introducing regulations and codes of practice that place viewing restrictions on website content based on the age of the site visitor.  The EU brought the AVMSD into effect in 2020, and the UK has recently published the AADC.

Law makers and regulators are requiring website owners need to take greater responsibility when it comes to website owners allowing underage users access to adult material.

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Online Safety Bill

Why choose our age verification software for explicit content?

You need to age check people who view your adult content to meet compliance regulations. But we also need to go about protecting children from explicit content on the internet.

  • Approved by the UK Government
  • Easy to integrate or switch from your current provider
  • Multi-sector and multi territory
  • Frictionless user journey
  • Reliable and keeps your online services fully compliant
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Age verification for adult content: FAQs

Do you offer age estimation or age assurance for adult content?

No, we offer age verification solutions to companies who display explicit content on adult websites. Age assurance and age estimation are used in our industry but they are slightly different things.

What is technology for age verification to keep children safe online?

Age verification technology can be an id document or record checks to ensure that the person is the age they say they are. Our technology at AgeChecked is government approved and is very easy to integrate. It all means we can keep children safe online.

Are age estimation and age assurance the same?

No, age verification confirms an individual’s specific age through proof, age assurance assesses the likelihood of a claimed age being accurate, and age estimation guesses an individual’s age based on data points. While related, each term has distinct methods and applications in determining age.

Solutions for Online Content & Adult Websites

Consumer Gateway

A pop-up verification which can be triggered at any point throughout your customer’s user journey. Offers a range of verification methods for your customer to select from and once they have been positively verified, the customer can save their details with AgeChecked ensuring that they don’t need to verify again on returning to your site. The results from this take seconds, so offers a very streamlined and secure option to age verify.

  • Customers can choose from a range of verification methods
  • Ensures a high match rate first time to drive a higher number of verified customers through to purchase.

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