Will Vape Shops Now Make A Move Online?

In the UK alone, there are more than 2.9 million vapers and around 2,000 vape shops selling these products. Many people rely on these products for many reasons with a large percentage of the population using them as a method to quit smoking. Of course, vapes, e-liquids and e-cigarettes can only legally be sold to those over the age of 18 in the UK.

Due to COVID-19 and new government regulations, vape shops in the UK were ordered to close as they were considered ‘non-essential’. While this has angered the industry and those who advocate for people to quit smoking, the government doesn’t appear to be changing this rule. However, there is a potential for these businesses to continue operating online.

Why Move Online?

With such a large percentage of the population using vape shops regularly before COVID-19, it comes as no surprise that many retailers are switching their efforts online. There are many advantages to moving online including futureproofing your business and cutting costs that are associated with retail spaces. No one expected COVID-19 to hit the world in the way it has and moving online can ensure that a business is protected should something like this happen in the future.

Many vape shops in the UK had already started the transition into e-commerce and we expect this to continue throughout the current crisis. Evidence has already suggested that customers are willing to make purchases online across many industries so why not vapes?

The Risk

There are some risks associated with selling vape products online during this crisis. It is possible to adhere to social distancing regulations and still make a sale using e-commerce sites. However, there is a large risk that comes along with this.

When you buy products online without adequate age verification software, there is a chance that it can be sold illegally. In the UK, vape shops must only sell these products to those over the age of 18 and they must use a secure age verification tool to do so. This is something that is clearly much easier to do in-store, unless proper age verification software is in place.

If vape shops break these regulations, they face a £2,500 fine which would be a massive hit at this time. There are further risks if they are caught doing this on a regular basis.

Age Checked Solution

Age Checked has been providing a solution to vape shops who have moved online for a long time and continue to do so throughout this crisis. We tailor our age verification services to the needs of both your customers and your business. Whether you require Client API, self-verification or CSV Batch Upload, we have a solution for you.

With many businesses now considering the switch to selling vaping products online, the correct solutions for age verification must be considered. Make sure to get in touch with Age Checked today to find the solution for your business.

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