Will The Finnish Government Bring Forward New Measures Regarding Compulsory Age Authentication Across Gaming Arcades?

In Finland, gambling both in gaming arcades and at online casinos is extremely popular. According to reports, around 80% of citizens in Finland spend money regularly on games of chance. This is set to be bringing in around €2 billion in profits for the government. Of course, problem gambling and underage gambling is also a major challenge for this country as it is across Europe. Back in February, it was reported that the Finnish government were planning on implementing compulsory age authentication by 2023 but is this soon enough? Below, AgeChecked looks at the latest developments and discusses whether this is likely to be pushed forward to 2021.

Compulsory Age Authentication by 2023

Age verification in relation to gambling products is not something that is typically very effective in Finland. A report earlier this year suggested that only around 12% of sales staff surveyed verified the age of their customers when they used gaming machines in supermarkets. This not only meant that minors were avoiding compulsory age authentication but were also able to purchase alcohol illegally.

As a result of this, the state-owned operator Veikkaus worked with the Finnish government to put forward plans to change the way that these products are sold. The government decided that mandatory ID checks are set to commence at the beginning of 2023 in order to make the change gradual. However, this change in the law would not include lottery games as this is seen as the least harmful kind of game of chance.

Veikkaus Calls For Sooner Change

Veikkaus supports the changes that the government has agreed to make, however, they are not satisfied with the date that they will come in action. In fact, this operator is now pushing for sooner change and is hoping that we can see compulsory age authentication across gaming arcades and online by 2021.

They are also hoping that the maximum loss limit on machines will be lowered to fall in line with online casino games. This would see them set to €1,000 a day and €2,000 a month once the limit returns to normal after COVID-19 measures lowered it.

What Does This Mean For Online Gambling In Finland?

Veikkaus currently has the monopoly for the national lottery, sports betting, and instant win games in Finland. This state-owned operator is proving to be extremely powerful when it comes to changing the laws surrounding gambling. While their focus might be on their arcades, any changes in the law could suggest tightened restrictions on online casinos and slots. The only licensed operators by the Finnish government are PAF and RAY.

The government of Finland hasn’t yet agreed to push forward the age verification measures but this could be a reality sooner rather than later. For any online operators in this country, careful consideration should be made to compulsory age authentication checks before it is too late.

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