Underage Vape Sales Prevention Guide Launched by the UK Vape Association

If a vape business owner or shop staff is caught selling vape products to a minor in the UK, they could face a fine of up to £2,500. Underage vape sales are a large problem in the UK and many organisations are aiming to reduce the risk of this, including AgeChecked. Online retailers can have age verification software in place but for vape stores on the high street, this requires more serious attention from the shop staff.

Recently, the UK Vape Association has launched an underage vape sales prevention guide. We look at this guide in more detail below.

UK Vape Association Guide

Vape products are made in a different way to cigarettes but they often contain tobacco and so can cause harm to anyone who uses them. For this reason, public health experts are keen to highlight the danger of minors accessing these products and being able to buy them in stores.

The recent guide by the UK Vape Association underlines the importance of restricting underage vape sales and offers tips to help those who require them. They put the responsibility on the vaping industry rather than the minors as is common with this kind of strategy. They make it very clear that only adults who are keen to quit smoking should be using vapes. However, many use vapes in the UK recreationally. In fact, around half as many Britons now vape as smoke as of 2019.

Sticking To Regulations

A closer look at the guide to prevent underage vape sales will show you just how different the regulations for the sale of vaping products can be different across England, Scotland and Wales. It is vital that any retailers either selling in-store or online understand what is expected of them and that they have measures in place to avoid any underage sales.

If these businesses cannot adhere to regulations and prevent these sales in any way that they can, they will lose the confidence of policy makers and politicians. It is expected that if retailers can uphold the age verification process that they can continue to sell their products in the future. Any issues could result in more serious consequences for the vaping industry as a whole. 

How Can AgeChecked Help?

The Underage Vape Sales Prevention Guide that was recently launched by the UK Vape Association highlights some serious issues within this industry. Minors should not be able to access vaping products whether that is online or at their local store.

At AgeChecked we offer a fully-compliant age verification tool that can benefit online vape retailers. There should never be any questions over the age of a customer and when you use our software, you will be certain that you are not selling vapes to minors. This software is commonly used to prevent minors from accessing content online and purchasing alcohol.

If you are seeking a compliant solution, get in touch with AgeChecked today. We can get you set up in no time at all to help prevent this kind of underage sale.

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