Tesco Delivery Drivers Asked to Verify Age from A Distance or Through A Window

Since the beginning of the strict lockdown measures across the UK in March this year, popular supermarket chains such as Tesco and Asda have seen an increased demand for grocery deliveries. However, many customers have been purchasing age-restricted goods such as alcohol when placing their orders online. This has placed the responsibility on Tesco delivery drivers and drivers from other supermarket chains to verify the age of their customers – but is this compliant? Below, we look at this process and discuss an alternative option for online retailers.

Increased Demand for Deliveries

Back in May, it was reported that UK online grocery sales were likely to surge by a quarter. Many supermarkets increased their online delivery slots, but this was not enough, and many lost out on receiving a delivery. Now, in October as many areas face local lockdowns, supermarkets are once again facing a large demand for delivery slots.

Supermarket giant Tesco has recently reported that they are at full capacity for the next few weeks. They have even asked customers to shop in-store if they can. This is in an attempt to free up slots for vulnerable customers or those who are self-isolating.

Tesco Delivery Drivers Verifying Age

Due to the large number of customers ordering age-restricted goods online, Tesco delivery drivers have been asked to verify age on delivery. They have been told to verify a customer’s age using proof of ID at a distance or through a window. If a customer cannot prove their identity, the drivers must remove the age-restricted products and return them to the store.

Even though Tesco has requested that their staff verify age on delivery, it is clear that this method is not as effective as they would hope. First of all, staff must check ID at a distance, and this makes it harder to recognise whether the proof of ID is legit or not. Delivery drivers are also under enormous amounts of pressure when you consider the increased demand and so might ignore age verification steps in order to move onto the next job more quickly.

Is There A Better Option?

The responsibility might have been placed on Tesco delivery drivers to verify age, but this is something that Tesco should be addressing internally. Online age verification is a much more effective and compliant option for retailers like Tesco who sell alcohol or other age-restricted goods online.

If Tesco and other large supermarket chains were to use age verification software such as our AgeChecked API, they would massively reduce the risk of selling restricted goods to minors. This way, they wouldn’t need to rely on drivers to verify age and they could stay on the right side of regulations.

Get in Touch

If you are selling age-restricted products online, AgeChecked can help to ensure your products don’t get into the hands of minors. Get in touch today to find out more about our API and ensure your business is fully-compliant sooner rather than later.

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