Gambling Associations Offer Advice on Safer Online Gambling Amidst COVID-19

COVID-19 has brought the world to a standstill and now, many businesses are having to adapt their practices to suit current regulations. Some industries have had to shut down completely, while others are seeing a dramatic increase in profit. One of the industries to benefit from the worldwide pandemic is the online gambling industry.

Where there could be an opportunity for those in the gambling industry to capitalise on this current situation, new guidance has forced these companies to rethink their marketing strategies. Below, Age Checked look closer at some of the new guidance.

The Problem

Sports betting has been hit badly by COVID-19 due to the cancellation of many sporting events around the world. With many people now spending a lot of time at home with nothing to do, some gambling operators saw an opportunity. This was to promote their online casino games and other activities that did not involve sports betting. Proof of this comes from 888 Holdings who claimed to have been badly affected by this as around 16% of its revenue typically comes from sports betting. This company has a long list of casino sites to their name and so could easily turn to these to increase profits.

Of course, responsible gambling policies are still required by regulators and so this kind of marketing ploy was not appreciated. Operators have now been urged to share any updated information with anyone that they work with. They cannot risk targeting vulnerable people right now through any kind of marketing activities.

Safe Guidance Issued

At the end of March, the European Gaming and Betting Association issued new guidance for those involved in gambling activities. Some of these guidelines included the following:

  • Any advertising must not refer to COVID-19 or any further developments or statements issued by the World Health Organisation
  • Any advertising cannot portray gambling as a solution to financial, personal or social issues at this time
  • Signpost must be clear about minimum age restrictions and safeplay options
  • Problematic gambling must be closely monitored in order to tackle addiction
  • KYC guidelines must be adhered to in order to verify customer’s identities
  • Responsible gambling tools must be clearly promoted

Many of these guidelines were already in existence but are now more important than ever. Operators have a responsibility to look after their customers in whatever way possible. A large percentage of the population is extremely vulnerable right now and these are the people who need to be protected.

Age Checked Providing A Solution

At Age Checked, we understand the importance of KYC and age verification in the online gambling industry. Our seamless age verification software can help you to meet guidelines set out by the European Gaming and Betting Association and protect vulnerable customers. This extends further than just recent guidelines to longer-term licensing regulations.

If you’d like to try our product, make sure to get in touch today. A member of our team will be happy to get you set up in no time at all.

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