Florie Moran – Meet the team

1. Tell us about your role at AgeChecked as a Client Services Manager?

The main focus of my role is to provide added value to our clients, guiding them through their use of AgeChecked’s software from onboarding to integration. I build and develop relationships with each merchant, brand, and platform that I work with, to make sure that they feel supported throughout their use of our solution and beyond.

I also work closely with our Product and Tech teams to ensure that the software itself is continuously improved. Armed with client feedback and market analysis, we work collaboratively to develop a Product Roadmap that meets our clients’ needs.


2. How do you ensure we offer the highest level of client services?

Our Operations Team and Customer Support Team, work in tandem to ensure that we are always accessible to our clients and that any problems are solved quickly and efficiently.

I continuously monitor the data and performance of our solution for individual clients, in order to provide ongoing advice and support. With my experience and knowledge of KYC and AV software, I am able to recommend optimisations to ensure that match rates are as high as possible and that end-users experience a frictionless journey.


3. What is the most enjoyable aspect of your role?

I take a lot of satisfaction from solving problems for my clients and delivering the results that they want to see. It is hugely rewarding to see an issue resolved and watch our software work successfully.

Likewise, I am lucky enough to meet and get to know a wide array of people, from different backgrounds and industries. As an ever-curious people person, I love hearing everyone’s story and how they found their way to their current role.


4. What do you think is next for the age verification industry?

With the development of the Online Safety Bill in the UK, I think there will be movement in age verification for Adult content specifically. As Industry Lead for the Adult sector, it will be really exciting to see some traction in this area. It is also exciting for our CEO and Founder Alastair Graham, who established AgeChecked back in 2016 to tackle the “wild west of the internet” and keep children safe whilst online. We’re in a strong place to move forward in this area, and I will find it very satisfying to see our solution in place on Adult platforms going forward.

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