Euro 2024 drives spike in gambling ID requests

Euro 2024 is in full swing, with media outlets and gambling companies around the world fully focused on Germany as the tournament unfolds.

As expected, the tournament has seen a surge in gambling activity, with punters flocking to online platforms and sportsbooks to place wagers. International tournaments can prove to be incredibly lucrative times for gambling operators, with large influxes of new players looking to get involved.

This is evidenced by recently published data which highlights a significant spike in identify verification requests made by gambling customers, a surge which coincided with the opening game of Euro 24.

From 14 June, ID requests made by gambling customers increased by upwards of 700%, a considerable figure that clearly demonstrates the impact that international tournaments like the European Championships can have on the gambling sector. The buzz and excitement of these events can give operators the chance to target new, untapped demographics made up of players who otherwise wouldn’t gamble.

However, while these events can bring in new, valuable customers, they also come with an increased risk of abuse, fraudulent behaviour and the inadvertent onboarding of underage players. For example, during World Cup 2022, the number of players visiting unregulated gambling platforms soared to 250,000 from a total of 80,000 in the previous year.

What this means is that not only must gambling operators ensure they are prepared to handle increased player traffic, but they must also have the correct systems and procedures in place to verify player identities accurately and efficiently.

By partnering with AgeChecked, operators will have access to a comprehensive identity verification solution that they can use to protect their brand and protect their players. We cross-reference against extensive data banks and offer a fully scalable solution to confirm all customers are over the legal gambling age.

Onboarding customers without proper identity verification checks can have serious consequences, with the potential for severe legal and financial ramifications. By integrating the AgeChecked identity verification solution, gambling operators can be confident that all new players will be above the minimum gambling age, regardless of what country they are in.

Euro 2024 is a busy time for the gambling industry, with increased activity from old and new players alike. To take full advantage of the opportunities that this event and future events like World Cup 2026 can offer, partnering with a provider like AgeChecked is absolutely critical.

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