AgeChecked expands age verification process with iDIN integration

AgeChecked, the global provider of secure and anonymised online age verification services has announced that they now support iDIN for age verification services of customers based in the Netherlands.

Created through the partnership between Betaalvereniging Nederland (the Dutch Payments Association) and the Dutch government, iDIN is an identity verification solution that allows organisations to reliably verify someone’s identity through their Dutch bank account.

In the Netherlands, 97% of all customers use online banking and because of this large reach and availability, iDIN is the most popular method of electronic identification. iDIN offers a convenience for the end-user in its ease of use, simply by selecting which bank they are with, giving an instant verification that they are over required legal age.

Alastair Graham, CEO of AgeChecked, commented: “We are very excited to now have the iDIN check as part of our age verification platform. Customers tend to trust their bank to guard their personal data online and as a bank-led initiative, iDIN can help extend this level of trust to our clients to allow them to verify their customers securely and successfully.

The benefit for AgeChecked clients is a much higher match rate on their customers. Previously identity checks with the available data sets for Dutch nationals had a low success rate due to how the data was processes. iDIN uses the trusted and secure credentials of its bank and provides reliability about the customer’s identity meaning match rates now exceed 90%. This in turn allows a higher number of verified customers through to our client’s services or products.

About AgeChecked

AgeChecked’s age verification service provides online businesses with a fully integrated, compliant, age checking solution, offering a wide range of accurate verification methods to ensure the highest age checking pass rates online.  Increasingly, customers will verify once, and be able to use that check on many different sites, often without any further interruption to their activities.

AgeChecked offers a global solution – online customers receive an age checking service that is optimised by geographic location and designed to meet local regulatory requirements based on the goods and services on offer, so organisations can meet their responsibilities wherever they do business around the globe. For more information please go to or email

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