AgeChecked Client Case Study: Grace Media

AgeChecked works with a range of businesses across various sectors including the online gambling sector. We offer a variety of innovative player verification and authentication solutions that are effective for businesses in an industry that demands compliance with regulatory bodies. By collaborating with our clients, we ensure that we find the perfect solution for the regulatory requirements within the territories that they operate in.

Among the list of clients that AgeChecked has within the gambling industry is Grace Media who deliver white-label services for their clients in the gambling industry. We spoke with Daniel O’Neill Head of Risk & Payments at Grace Media to hear more about their experience as a partner of AgeChecked.

AgeChecked: Why was it important for Grace Media to have a compliant and secure age verification solution like AgeChecked?

Daniel: “As part of the UKGC regulations, it is imperative that we conduct age and address verification of any users we want to do business with. Without an automated solution like AgeChecked, we would be resigned to doing all of this verification manually, which just wouldn’t be viable. With reference to AgeChecked specifically, we have found a partner who we like to work with, and who understands our needs and are willing to work with us to improve our verification rates.”

Why did you choose AgeChecked as an age verification partner and how long have you been partnered with them?

Daniel: “We were introduced to AgeChecked by a close partner of ours, and since then we implemented AgeChecked as our exclusive automatic verification partner. We have found AgeChecked have a good understanding of our needs, and we have a really good working relationship with AgeChecked. A big thing for me personally is that I love the transparency of the pricing, and there are no hidden support fees like there are with other providers. When I need something, AgeChecked always do what they need to do to support me.”

How has AgeChecked’s solution impacted the customer on-boarding process? 

Daniel: “AgeChecked has helped us facilitate a smooth and seamless onboarding process for our customers, whilst allowing us to ensure we comply with the UKGC legislation. We are continuously working with AgeChecked to improve our approval rates, and to build out additional technologies to support our business.”

Would you recommend AgeChecked to other white-label providers in the online gambling industry?

Daniel: “Absolutely, AgeChecked have been a pleasure to work with, and I look forward to the continuation of our partnership into the future. I’m excited about the benefits our continued partnership will bring.”

How has AgeChecked positively impacted your business since you started using their service?

Daniel: “With AgeChecked, we feel like we have a true partner, a company that’s willing to work with us to solve problems, and these types of partnerships are invaluable to a growing business. Our approval rates remain high, and we are constantly working together to improve these rates further. AgeChecked provide us with a great solution for user verification, and we are looking to forward to introducing more AgeChecked services in the future.”

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As the regulatory landscape continues to change for gambling operators and affiliates, there is no room for error. If you are operating in this industry, AgeChecked can help. We offer a range of verification, authentication and ongoing monitoring services that can fit your needs, regardless of the territory you are operating in. Learn more about our gambling products here. Don’t hesitate to get in touch to find out more.

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