AgeChecked takes off with Shopify app

AgeChecked has announced the launch of the AgeChecked app in the Shopify App Store.   This is the first integrated regulatory compliant Shopify app of its kind for retailers who sell alcohol, vaping products, knives and other age restricted products. With research suggesting that lengthy age verification processes can potentially reduce conversions, the new AgeChecked app checks the customers’ age in the background of the purchase process, without them having to submit any extra information.

The AgeChecked app for Shopify retailers has been created in partnership with leading eCommerce company blubolt.  Retailers are able to purchase and download the app from today in the Shopify App Store.

Lockdown Drives Forward Ecommerce Businesses

Since lockdown began in the UK, the number of retailers who have started selling online has increased dramatically. This has been seen as the biggest retail shift that the UK has ever experienced and one that brings with it a number of regulatory and compliance challenges. Many of the 85,000 retailers who recently launched online are adhering to age verification restrictions but with the concern of reduced conversion rates and poor user experience, many are cautious with integrating further checks to the end user.

Why AgeChecked for Shopify?

The AgeChecked app is seen as the solution to this problem as it allows you to verify the age of your customers easily, and quickly. The app can be used to securely and privately verify the age for purchases such as vaping products, knives, garden tools, alcohol and any other age restricted goods.

Martin Hodges, Head of Marketing at AgeChecked commented:  “We are delighted to be able to introduce this innovative age verification app to Shopify retailers as we recognise the need that the standard ‘Confirm you are over 18’ tick box was not sufficient enough to protect online businesses. The new app, which is fully compliant with multiple age verification regulations and codes including GDPR and BSI’s PAS 1296, verifies behind the scenes once the order has been placed. Shopify retailers receive confirmation quickly to make the process as smooth as possible for both retailer and customer”.

Get Started Today

With no code required to set up the app, simply download the AgeChecked app today from the Shopify App Store and start using. Try the 14-day free trial and see for yourself how simple the new AgeChecked app is.

To find out more or download the AgeChecked App for Shopify, please click here.


About AgeChecked

AgeChecked’s age verification service provides online businesses with a fully integrated, compliant, age checking solution, offering a wide range of accurate verification methods to ensure the highest age checking pass rates online. Increasingly, customers will verify once, and be able to use that check on many different sites, often without any further interruption to their activities. AgeChecked offers a global solution – online customers receive an age checking service that is optimised by geographic location and designed to meet local regulatory requirements based on the goods and services on offer, so organisations can meet their responsibilities wherever they do business around the globe.


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