Age verification for alcohol websites

The online grocery market is growing exponentially, as such there has been a rapid increase in online alcohol sales.

The concern with this huge growth is that it’s much easier to purchase alcohol online, than if you went to a supermarket. In order to ensure you are compliant with laws and regulations – you need to be 100% confident that you are not selling alcohol to minors. You can do that with our online age verification software.

  • It is against the law to sell alcohol to anyone under the age of 18
  • From May 2015, it’s no longer legal to sell liqueur sweets to someone under 16
  • Selling alcohol to minors can result in heavy fines

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Simple age verification methods to verify customers

Although we want to ensure you are legally compliant, we don’t want to deter prospective customers from buying alcohol and affect your bottom-line.

That’s why we have created a solution. It allows your customers to buy alcohol online, and it means you can verify their identity easily.

  • Batch upload, allows you to upload all customer details in a CSV file
  • Client API, the verification takes place in the background, as the customer inputs their details for the sale
  • Customer gateway, where a simple pop-up verification that can be activated at any point during your customer’s journey

How Do I Get Started?

It’s incredibly easy to get started with AgeChecked. If you’re selling alcohol online, you can book a demo with our team, who’ll be happy to walk you through our online age verification solution.

Once you have chosen the correct solution for you in terms of your business requirements and pricing tier, you can start using our service. As soon as your account is set up, it will take no longer than 48 working hours to start using our solution. If you’d like to discuss an alcohol age verification solution – then please get in touch.

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Age Verification for Online Retailers

Watch our demo to see how the age verification platform would work on your online retail site.

Age verify your customers swiftly and securely with our Client API and Consumer Gateway methods.

Solutions for Alcohol Retailers

Batch Upload

This is our easiest approach to age verification requiring no integration and performed at any point after the sale is complete. A simple method of age verification allows you to upload all customer details via a csv file, which will produce a list of results verifying which customers have passed or failed the age check. Each failed check will produce a secondary verification method which can be sent to the customer to offer alternative methods of verifying their age.

  • Simplest method, no integrations or plugins required
  • Secondary failover service gives the customer further opportunities to AV, giving the client a higher chance for purchases to be processed
Client API

This secure check takes place in the background when the customer has filled in their personal details during the sales or onboarding process. AgeChecked will verify the customer’s details to ensure that the customer is over the required age. This provides a very seamless and effective solution to age verification.

  • Best for retailers working with large volumes of customers
  • Keeps the customer in your retail environment, whilst the API calls our services for a quick result
  • Has no effect on customer journey or experience as run in the background
Consumer Gateway

A pop-up verification which can be triggered at any point throughout your customer’s user journey. Offers a range of verification methods for your customer to select from and once they have been positively verified, the customer can save their details with AgeChecked ensuring that they don’t need to verify again on returning to your site. The results from this take seconds, so offers a very streamlined and secure option to age verify.

  • Customers can choose from a range of verification methods
  • Ensures a high match rate first time to drive a higher number of verified customers through to purchase.
Client API Premium

A combination of two AgeChecked methods – Client API + Consumer Gateway – offering an increased chance of the customer successfully age verifying with immediate results and little disruption as possible to the user experience. If the customer fails to successfully pass the age verification at checkout, then they will be presented with the Consumer Gateway allowing them to choose a further method to verify their age.

  • Our most comprehensive age verification option
  • Eliminates any manual work for the client
  • A great choice for retail clients as it enables you to get the age verification process completed efficiently, so orders can be dispatched as soon as possible

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