Information for Personal Use

Information on age verification and what happens to your data.

What is age verification?

Age verification is a process to confirm the age of an individual.

In most countries there are laws that restrict certain goods and services to adults only. Age verification is used by companies to check that they are abiding by child protection regulations and are not providing age-restricted items or services to children.


About AgeChecked

Our goal is to make the internet a safe space for children by providing age verification technology to online businesses selling age-restricted goods and services. We believe age verification technology plays a crucial role in providing a safer Internet for children.

We provide our services to companies around the globe. We are ISO 27001 and PAS 1296 certified. We are approved by national regulators to provide age verification services where applicable.


What happens with my data?

Your privacy is our priority.

Anonymous & Secure

Your data is secure. We only use your personal data for age verification.

Data Verification

During processing we may check your data to see whether it matches with national database providers that will have a record of your date of birth.

Smooth Process

We do not give any of your personal data to any of our customers, we give them a ‘thumbs up’ if the age verification has been successful, and a ‘thumbs down’ if not.

Data Removal

We do not keep your personal data. Once we have finished the age verification process, we remove your personal data from our system.