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Age verification is crucial for online businesses that offer age-restricted products and services.

Implementing a robust age verification process is vital to ensure compliance with legal regulations and to protect both the business and its customers. By leveraging age assurance providers, online businesses can verify the age of their customers, mitigate the risk of underage access to age-restricted content, and enhance the overall security and trustworthiness of their digital platforms.

Legal Compliance

Age assurance providers help businesses stay compliant with age-related regulations, preventing legal repercussions and potential fines.


Utilising age verification services adds an extra layer of security to online operations, safeguarding against unauthorised access to age-restricted content and protecting customer data.

Trust and Reputation

By implementing robust age verification measures, businesses can enhance customer trust and reinforce their reputation as responsible and compliant providers of age-restricted products and services.

Confidence in Your Age Verification Process is Key

We all need to take the responsibility of preventing underage consumers from purchasing age-restricted goods online seriously.

You can be safe in the knowledge that our sophisticated solution will be able to identify any underage consumers quickly and effectively without hindering the purchase potential of suitable buyers.

By using AgeChecked, we take any concerns surrounding age verification away, all the while ensuring data is completely safe and secure.


Safeguard your business with AgeChecked, the UK government-approved age verification solution

Stay ahead of regulatory requirements with our robust and secure online age verification software. Ensure compliance and protect your business with confidence. Discover the power of our advanced solution today.

Anonymous & Secure

We make the consumers anonymity a priority. Throughout the entire process – our system anonymises them – we don’t keep any personal data on our system.

Multiple Data Sources

AgeChecked utilises more methods and national data sets than any other provider using only permissioned data sources.

Smooth User Process

A seamless user experience has been a key development for AgeChecked to ensure that any of the age verification solutions offered do not affect the customer journey experience.

What sectors do we provide Age Verification in?

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Looking for a comprehensive age verification solution?

Look no further than AgeChecked.

With a wider range of options than any other provider, we give your customers the flexibility they need to quickly and easily verify their age – improving your chances of converting them into valuable customers.

In addition to choice, users expect a speedy verification process, and we’ve developed innovative solutions to make it as fast as possible for them. This way, they can complete their purchase without any unnecessary delay, while you enjoy greater revenue for your business.

Trust in AgeChecked for an age verification experience that’s second to none.


How Does Online Age Verification Work?

Do you sell age restricted products or services, and are wondering how online age verification works? The AgeChecked process is simple and seamless, and ensures you are fully compliant.

An age check can be completed at any point during a visit to your website to ensure that the user is of age and can legally buy the age restricted products.


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